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Easy-to-Use Mortgage Calculator

You’re ready to purchase a new home—congratulations! The first exciting step on the road to homeownership is to determine how much mortgage you can afford. If that sounds complicated—don’t fret! We’ve developed a user-friendly mortgage affordability calculator tool to help you do just that, all in a few easy clicks.

Following industry guidelines, this tool will instantaneously estimate your maximum purchase price based on your income, routine expenses, and property fees.

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How Does It Work?

The application will calculate two essential ratios: your Gross Debt Service (GDS) ratio and your Total Debt Service (TDS) ratio. These ratios are the primary resources used by the America Mortgage and Housing Corporation to determine your mortgage affordability.

The calculator will also generate a down payment estimate, and account for potential closing costs, too. This is useful in determining the amount of cash you’ll need to put aside for your new purchase.

Make your results even more accurate by adjusting your location and property type!

How To Use Our Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Ready to get started? Simply input your annual income, debt payments, and property costs into the appropriate spaces below. Then, click go! It’s as easy as that.

Try Our Mortgage Amortization Calculator

How long will your mortgage take to pay off? The length of time required to pay off a mortgage in full is called an amortization period. Amortization periods vary depending on the size of your down payment and the amount of your regular contributions. Compare scenarios with ease using our state-of-the-art amortization calculator below.

Typically, shorter amortization periods have lower interest rates but require higher principal payments. A longer amortization period will have lower monthly payments but higher interest overall. Not sure which is best for you? No problem. Our mortgage payment calculator will simulate and help you assess all your options.

Enter in your desired type and term of mortgage, as well as your payment frequency and balance. Finally, enter the interest rate of your choice. Then, click calculate to view your payment plan!