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If you are looking to secure the best mortgage from one of the nation’s leading lenders, we invite you to contact First Integra Funding Corp.. With our years of expertise and our reputation among financial institutions, we will help you secure the low-interest loan you need to move forward with the purchase of your property.

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What Is a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker is an independent financial expert who applies for mortgages on your behalf. Your broker is your intermediary and your tenacious advocate. With all the resources a broker has at their disposal, and their strong reputation among financial lenders, they help you secure low-interest mortgages on favorable terms.

Once our brokers have found a mortgage and lender that meets your standards, we will continue to work with the lender’s underwriting department, real estate agents, and all other concerned parties to ensure the purchase of your home is secured.

Would you like to learn more about what our mortgage brokers can do for you? Call us today.

Will a Mortgage Professional Increase My Chances of Securing a Good Mortgage?

Mortgage brokers—like the ones at our firm—have the time and resources to find the best mortgage options for you and your family, instead of settling with the first lender who accepts your application.

Having a mortgage broker by your side simplifies the lengthy application processes and ensures you have many options at your disposal. The brokers at our firm will also fight for the lowest interest rates and the most favorable payment terms. When possible, we will even waive costly origination fees.

Do Mortgage Agents Work for Mortgage Lenders?

The mortgage agents at our firm are not directly affiliated with any financial institution or lender. This allows us to draw options from a wide range of mortgage products, rather than limiting ourselves to the options of one specific lender.

Do Mortgage Brokers Offer Other Services?

At our firm, we offer a variety of financial services to our clients, assistance with reverse mortgages and the accessing of home equity. We are interested in developing long and rewarding relationships with all our clients. By offering these services, we are able to service clients at every juncture in their lives.

Whether you would like to renegotiate the terms of your mortgage or access equity for the purpose of household renovations, we can help.

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The world of fixed rates, flood certification, and buy-downs is quite confusing without proper guidance. Let the mortgage specialists at our firm be your guides. We are regarded by lenders and clients alike as tenacious and professional brokers, and we cannot wait to work with you.

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